About Me:

Hi my name is Bo Hickey, and I just wanted to give you a little information about myself. 
First, I am a student at Penn State University and major in Kinesiology. I didn’t always grow up a Penn State fan, and I never really planned on going to Penn State. However, I truly do “bleed blue and white.” Also, I wasn’t always an avid runner. I enjoyed other sports such as basketball, surfing, and soccer. Yet, I never really ran outside of the requirements of practice and games. A few injuries arose from all the jumping and quick turning of basketball, so I started running to stay in shape. It has developed into a solid part of my daily life. I truly enjoy running. It is one of the few things that can clear and reset my mind. 
Now, on to why I decided to run a marathon and raise money as part of Team In Training. One of my life goals is to complete a marathon; yet, it was a goal that I never really thought would be completed. However, with my developing love for running, I decided it was time to go for my marathon goal. I stumbled upon an article for Team In Training while I was researching marathon training. That is when I realized that I could make my marathon more meaningful than I ever thought possible. Not only could I complete one of my life goals, I could also help many others along the way. It was a no-brainer for me, and I contact Team In Training immediately. I then talked my friend Nick Evangelista into joining with me, and am thankful to have a training buddy. I am excited to share all the upcoming experiences with him. 
Bo and Bob Hickey (father)
Here I am, now part of Team In Training, ready to complete a life goal while helping the lives of others along the way. I hope you will help me in this process. Together, we can help and change the lives of many! Thank you!