I am going to start compiling the inspirational bits that are sent to me, or that I stumble upon. I hope you enjoy.

1. The First Gold - This clip has to do with the first women's olympic marathon race. Joan Benoit (USA) was a favorite to medal in the event; however, she had to have knee surgery a few months before the Olympics (1984-LA). After the surgery, everyone thought she had no chance of competing in the event. However, she shocked the world and crushed the field. This is a truly remarkable clip.

2. My 120 Pound Journey - This clip is about a guy who was unhappy with his weight gain and life in general. Then one day he started running. It is amazing to see the changes that follow. Enjoy!

3. Team Hoyt - This clip was sent to me from my friend Liz. It has to do with a father who competes in marathons, triathlons, and ironmans with his son. However, his son has a disability that does not allow him to walk or speak without assistance. This is an intense clip and I highly recommend you take the time to watch it. 

4. Weight In Vain - This blog is about the journey of one woman. Her goal was to lose 50 lbs and complete a marathon. Also, she tackles many social issues as well.

5. Jimmy V's ESPY Speech - This is Jim Valvano's 1993 ESPY speech. It is truly epic.